laura jans fazio  colorist  

2005 daVinci Master Colorist Award - Commercial Winner 
Having entered the business at 17, Laura has a broad experience in her craft with credits that run the gamut from the "I Want My MTV!" promos from back in the day, multiple commercial campaigns, music videos, episodic television to independent and feature films.  

Raised in New York City, she initially considered a career in fashion & merchandising attending New York's, Parson's School of Design.

However, she landed a job with PBS station WNYC and was soon on her path toward success in post.  She began coloring at DuArt Video, moved to NVI and then Post Perfect . Her last two years in NYC she started her own company "Celluloid Images" where she facilitated her clients in post through her various post house connections.  After moving to Los Angeles in 1991 she has worked at Varitel, VRC, 525 Post Hollywood, Company 3, Encore, Technicolor Creative Services, multiple independent boutiques, editorial companies and agencies.

Having freelanced around the world facilitating clients she has gained expertise in digital workflows and color grading systems that meet the demands of today's job market.

Being an artist, Laura also exercises her sense for color and texture in everything, from designing websites and logos to landscapes, as well as creating handmade wearables in mixed media and organic body products....the list goes on!

Currently, she is a lead colorist at Encore, where she is working on episodic television series including “House of Cards”, “The Lottery” and "Hawaii Five-O".

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2006 American Society of Cinematographers  - Winner - John Stokes
2006 Australian Cinematographers Society - Award of Distinction Winner - John Stokes
    Telefeatures, TV Drama and Mini Series for Nightmares and Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King 
    Episode "Umney's Last Case"